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Caaarp With Peter Gadd

When news of normalizing relations with Cuba broke headlines, many anglers began dreaming of direct flights to virgin turquoise Bonefish flats and the shimmer of tailing Permit. Of course when reality sets in, a delightful if somewhat more pedestrian alternative is just up the highway. You may not be able to afford Cuba but a [...]

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John Larison’s Quiver the Burkheimer 9145-4

The following is an occasional series exploring the quiver of rods that John Larison fishes throughout his season.  Stay tuned for further installments. John Larison’s Quiver The Burkheimer 9145-4 No rod quiver is complete without a big water, big wade, big fish canon.  How often have you been on a run that demanded a belly [...]

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CF Burkheimer Week at the Spey Lodge

Another year of Steelhead fishing has passed and it’s time to start a new season of chasing silver.  Our Steelhead year always gets rolling with a Week at The Spey Lodge in Terrace, British Columbia.  While some believe the Fall fishing is the time of choice in the North country, those that are “in the [...]

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Atlantic Salmon with Willy George

How I discovered the difference between an Atlantic Salmon and a Steelhead by Willy George  It was one of the few remaining species on my bucket list — the Atlantic Salmon.  It’s funny how some of my fly fishing trips come together.  I met Ernie up on the Babine last Fall fishing for steelhead at [...]

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Pocket Water Fishing and the 483-4 DAL

Today’s fly rod marketing is predictable, nearly all the manufacturers want to tell you how light and fast theirs rods are, and why that makes them better.  They go on and on talking about proprietary materials, processes and actions.  The truth is, all rod manufacturers are using pretty much the same materials and processes to [...]

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Changes at C.F. Burkheimer

As a new season gets into full swing we have some changes here at C.F. Burkheimer Fly Rod Company.

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Winter Steelhead Schools: New Date Added

We’ve added a new date for our December Winter Steelhead School. Join us on the 15th for a day of fishing and instruction.

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Magic Waters Patagonia – January 2014

Magic Waters Patagonia. Huge trout in unspoiled country.

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Winter Steelhead Schools 2013/14

Join Nate Koenigsknecht and John Larison for our Winter Steelhead Schools.

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Pro-Staff Gear: John Larison’s Fall Steelhead Rig

Get the skinny on John Larison’s fall steelhead rig of choice. This is the first installment in our Pro-Staff Gear series.

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